Friday 14th November 2014

7.30 Ukulele Heroes in Main Auditorium

Programme for Saturday November 15th 2014

9.00 Registration

9.30 Welcome

9.45 Workshops 1/2/3

10.30 Coffee Break

11.15 Workshops 1.2.3

12.00 - 1.00 Lunch provided

1.00 Workshops 1/2/3

2.00 Masterclass with AJ Leonard and Jenny Rowlands

3.00 Coffee and Open Mic

4.30 Farewell in Auditorium

7.30 - 10.00 Concert in Auditorium


Workshop descriptions 

Ben (Country Boy) Collier 

Ben Collier has been performing  with the Nukes for years  ( 2008 -  forever ) and has a wonderful command of the ukulele. Like a lot of famous musicians he is understated and clever as well as approachable with a gentle sense of humour and loads of patience
He is going to share some of this knowledge with us using some of The Nukes latest material from their CD just released.
It will be a mix of Hootenany/  Woodhill Forest Blues and more....

Caro and Clare

Clare and Caroline have a lot of fun putting workshops full of original  kiwi songs together .They are a popular duo whose playing and teaching style is easy to follow and then they add the tricky frills and thrills of intermediate ukulele playing on top.You will learn heaps from their session and be inspired  ." Super groovey uklulele fun for all levels " 

Max Maxwell 

Sure thing:  Title: “Bluesin’ the uke”  Description: “The 12 bar blues is the foundation of blues and rock n roll. Think Leadbelly…Chubby Checker…Elvis…George Thorogood. In this workshop we’ll learn chord progressions and fingerpicking riffs that will have you bluesin’ into the wee sma’ hours….”

Kevin Fogarty

Mr Kiwi Ukulele himself running a full on workshop with a special Beatles Theme.

  • Think White Album,
  • Think Revolution
  • Think YES I want top do this Workshop!

You know he delivers in his workshops and will teach you the tricks of the trade in Ukulele playing

Fascinating and fast learning at its best.

Grab your Uke and Join Music