Meet the Team 

Avon Hansen-Beadle - Convention Co-ordinator 

Hailing from Auckland’s North Shore, Avon Hansen-Beadle has been the reigning queen of Ukulele for over 7 years now and offers a downpour of creativity to every cohort of counterculture inspired musical beatnik she comes in contact with. She’s a beacon of musical ingenuity dragging the musical ether from within individuals through her business “The Arts”. Based on the shore with workshops throughout Auckland and abroad, Avon brings over 20 years of music teaching and collaboration to every event she oversees.

Whether heading the largest Ukulele conference in New Zealand or strumming Beatles' tunes with a select few in the Ukulele hot spots of Auckland’s night life, Avon can provide a relaxed and entertaining educational experience. "Inspiring", "approachable" and "a little mad" are just some of the quotes from attendees of her weekly courses run throughout Auckland.

For a far more than entertaining event or class, you can contact Avon through the details below - we dare you to attend one of her classes to experience the magic first hand.

Avon Hansen-Beadle

Brenda Jones - Logistics Co-ordinator  

Having Brenda involved in the Convention is a Recipe for Success. She has all the right ingredients.

She is measured and always sure to rise to the occasion.

In fact she takes the cake.

Brenda blends logistics with laughter, manages the mania of convention chaos and knows all about the truism too many cooks spoil the broth.

Hers is a delicious combination of fruit and nut served with a generous helping of humour ... which leaves all our Convention customers fully satisfied.


John Howlett - Marketing and Media  

J is for jolly

O is for open

H is for hilarious

N is for nutty

H is for happy

O is for over the top

W is for why does he do it

L is for loquacious

E is for eventually getting his Bio done

T is for tuning his uke

T is for taking nothing too seriously ... seriously