ukulele heaven traders
These are the brands they will bring up 
Plus a few books and CD's 
Music stands 
Straps etc 

Binford Luthiery and Guitars
Handcrafted, carved arch top ukuleles and guitars.
Solid body guitars and basses.
Design and build your own ukulele or guitar, tutored by Trevor Binford.
For more information visit our website: 

Earrings, lapel pins and brooches plus Rhythm Rings 

Avon  Hansen-Beadle 
Songbooks, Cd's, Music 

Lyn McAllister Music
a range of:
Boulder Creek
Martin ukes 

plus strings and accessories 

Ukulele World 
Kevin Fogarty has completed Ukulele World 5 especially for the Convention:

called Double White Uke with Beatles songs from the Double White Album

Perfect Pizzazz Ltd
"Perfecting Your Natural PIZZAZZ" 
Bell Brass Resophonic Guitars & Ukuleles... in New Zealand via Perfect Pizzazz Ltd. 
and, Toa Guitars Ltd. 

Ukulele Buddy
Online Ukulele lessons

My Ukulele Buddy Video Method is the easiest way
to keep you focused until you've mastered the uke because...

...all you’ve got to do is grab your Uke and play along with my videos
You never have to practice alone - just play along! 

And others! .......................